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two beautiful beagle dogs in ireland


The Beagle is a kind, good−spirited pet with all the traits and characteristics of a loyal family dog. Training a Beagle puppy can sometimes prove difficult

The Beagle is an energetic, sociable and intelligent dog. The family-orientated breed will easily make its owners laugh as it loves following its scent into mischief.

His inquisitive nature and outgoing ways mean that the Beagle needs company at all times, be it with another dog or with family members. They are likely to become whiny and destructive if left to their own devices for too long

Although the Beagle can be unruly at times and will follow its nose rather than directions, its gentle manner and loyalty to its owners make it a wonderful family pet. With a devoted and patient owner who is willing to stick by its waywardly dog, the Beagle will be equally as devoted.

Beagles and Children
The Beagle is excellent with children. It will appreciate their company and will be more than willing to take part in lots of exercise and play. A strong bond will be formed between the children and their pet Beagle. Children should be taught to be considerate and not too rough around the dog – most Beagles will happily tolerate a child’s good-natured tomfoolery but some could react badly if not used to it. Owners should know that any food these dogs see is as good as gone – a child’s treat can easily get snapped up by the greedy Beagle

Beagles will do very well with early socialisation. With an introduction to as many sights, sounds and smells as possible as well as experience with lots of people and animals, the Beagle will grow up to be a well-adjusted and mannerly adult dog. The breed’s hunting background will come to the fore when confronted with cats and other non-canine pets. They will instinctively chase and nip at what they see as their prey. Supervision and extensive socialisation around other animals is a must.

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